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譲渡条件Transfer Conditions
We give it to those who can determine that the cat they are giving away is a home where they can live in a healthy and safe manner, and who can keep in touch with them even after the transfer. We’re not a pet store.
Once you have decided which cat you would like, please let us know along with your self-introduction, including how you were interested in Turkish Angola, your living environment, and your family structure. We do not support inquiries regarding transfer costs only. Please accept with financial allowance.
Please enter your full name as your name, all addresses below the town name, and in the case of a building, please enter the building name and room number.
If the information at the time of inquiry is incomplete, we will not reply.
After sending the message, a confirmation email will be sent automatically. If you do not receive it, enter the correct email address and contact us again. If you do not receive a direct reply from Cattery more than 3 days after receiving the automatic reply, please contact us again. There are many people who use free e-mail, cell phone/smartphone e-mail address to interrupt the contact.
There are many people who use free e-mail, cell phone/smartphone e-mail address to interrupt the contact. Please contact us with good judgment. Even if you want to cancel the transfer, please be sure to contact us. If you do not contact us, we may decline future inquiries.
We promise to keep the entered personal data confidential. Thanks for your cooperation.

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ターキッシュアンゴラ アンバーアイド ホワイト Amber-Eyed White Turkish Angora FemaleDevi 5 yrs 8 mos